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1 Tuning of a Stigmergy-based Traffic Light Controller as a Dynamic Optimization Problem Jeremie Dubois-Lacoste and Thomas Stuetzle
2 A hybrid iterated greedy algorithm for the distributed no-wait flow shop scheduling problem Weishi Shao, Dechang Pi and Zhongshi Shao
3 A Multi-agent Genetic Algorithm for Improving the Robustness of Communities in Complex Networks against Attacks Shuai Wang and Jing Liu
4 Enhancing the Robustness of Complex Networks against Edge-based-attack Cascading Failures Shuai Wang and Jing Liu
5 Fuel Consumption Optimization of Heavy-Duty Vehicles Using Genetic Algorithms Sina Torabi and Mattias Wahde
6 Gravitational search algorithm with linearly decreasing gravitational constant for parameter estimation of photovoltaic cells Ahmad Rezaee Jordehi
7 A Multi-Agent Genetic Algorithm for Multi-Period Emergency Resource Scheduling Problems in Uncertain Traffic Network Yawen Zhou and Jing Liu
8 A Multi-objective Evolutionary Algorithm for Emergency Logistics Scheduling in Large-scale Disaster Relief Xiaohui Gan and Jing Liu
9 Variable Neighborhood Search for the Large Phylogeny Problem using Gene Order Data Jose Luis Soncco-Alvarez and Mauricio Ayala-Rincon
10 Neuroevolution-Based Inverse Reinforcement Learning Karan Budhraja and Tim Oates
11 Minimizing THD of multilevel inverters with optimal values of DC voltages and switching angles using LSHADE-EpSin algorithm Partha Biswas, Noor Awad, Ponnuthurai Suganthan, Mostafa Ali and Gehan Amaratunga
12 Optimal Placement of Wind Turbines in a Windfarm using L-SHADE algorithm Partha Biswas, Ponnuthurai Suganthan and Gehan Amaratunga
13 A Multi-objective and Cost-Aware Optimization of Requirements Assignment Yan Li, Tao Yue, Shaukat Ali and Li Zhang
14 Weighted Empirical Distribution based Approach to Chance Constrained Optimization Problems using Differential Evolution Kiyoharu Tagawa and Shun Miyanaga
15 Decomposition Based Evolutionary Algorithm with a Dual Set of Reference Vectors Kalyan Shankar Bhattacharjee, Hemant Kumar Singh, Tapabrata Ray and Qingfu Zhang
16 An Initialization Technique for Geometric Semantic GP based on Demes Evolution and Despeciation Leonardo Vanneschi, Illya Bakurov and Mauro Castelli
17 A Parallel and Distributed Semantic Genetic Programming System Leonardo Vanneschi and Bernardo Galvao
18 A Hybrid Evolutionary Algorithm Based on Solution Merging for the Longest Arc-Preserving Common Subsequence Problem Christian Blum and Maria J. Blesa
19 An Evolutionary Multiobjective Based Approach to Improve Robustness in Directional Overcurrent Relay Coordination Mateus H. Costa, Martin G. Ravetti, Rodney R. Saldanha and Eduardo G. Carrano
20 LSHADE with Semi-Parameter Adaptation Hybrid with CMA-ES for Solving CEC 2017 Benchmark Problems Ali Mohamed, Anas Hadi, Anas Fattouh and Kamal Jambi
21 Gems: A Novel Method to Accelerate Evolutionary Algorithms Murphy Rory, Fagan David and O'Neill Michael
22 The Effect of Evaluation Time Variance on Asynchronous Particle Swarm Optimization Kenneth Holladay, Keith Pickens and Gregory Miller
23 Lexicase Selection Promotes Effective Search and Behavioural Diversity of Solutions in Linear Genetic Programming Karoliina Oksanen and Ting Hu
24 Geometric Semantic Genetic Programming for Biomedical Applications: A State of the Art Upgrade Leonardo Vanneschi, Mauro Castelli, Luca Manzoni, Sara Silva and Ivo Goncalves
25 An Adaptive Large Neighborhood Search with Learning Automata for the Unrelated Parallel Machine Scheduling Problem Luciano Perdigao Cota, Frederico Guimaraes, Fernando de Oliveira and Marcone Jamilson Freitas Souza
26 Object Tracking using Particle Swarm Optimization and Earth Mover's Distance Gongyi Xia and Simone Ludwig
27 On the Combination of Coevolution and Novelty Search Fabian Fraenz, Jan Paredis and Rico Moeckel
28 A Comparative Study of Constrained Multi-objective Evolutionary Algorithms on Constrained Multi-objective Optimization Problems Zhun Fan, Wenji Li, Xinye Cai, Yi Fang, Jiewei Lu and Caimin Wei
29 Multi-Agent Systems Applied to Power Loss Minimization in Distribution-Level Smart Grid with Dynamic Load Variation Filipe Saraiva, Lars Nordstrom and Eduardo Asada
30 A Heuristic Algorithm for Solving Resource Constrained Project Scheduling Problems Shelvin Chand, Hemant Singh and Tapabrata Ray
31 Memory Genetic Algorithm Hybridized for Zeolites Omar Abdelkafi, Lhassane Idoumghar, Julien Lepagnot and Jean-Louis Paillaud
32 Detecting Outlier Intelligence in the Behavior of Intelligent Coalitions of Agents Laszlo Barna Iantovics, Adrian Gligor and Veska Georgieva
33 Investigating IKK Dynamics in the Nuclear Factor-kappa B Signalling Pathway using X-Machines Richard Williams, Jon Timmis and Eva Qwarnstrom
34 Weighted Manhattan Distance Classification Model; SELDI data for Protein Bio-marker Discovery and Alzheimer's Disease Diagnosis Oriehi Edisemi Destiny Anyaiwe, D. George Wilson, J. Timothy Geddes and B. Gautam Singh
35 Parallel Peaks: A Visualization Method for Benchmark Studies of Multimodal Optimization Ran Cheng, Miqing Li and Xin Yao
36 A Study of Agnostic Hyper-heuristics based on Sampling Solution Chains Chung-Yao Chuang and Stephen Smith
37 Exploring the Evolution of Genotype Phenotype Mappings Jan Paredis
38 Particle Swarm Optimisation with Genetic Operators for Feature Selection Bach Nguyen, Bing Xue, Peter Andreae and Mengjie Zhang
39 Short-term Traffic Flow Prediction with Optimized Multi-kernel Support Vector Machine Xianyao Ling, Xinxin Feng, Zhonghui Chen, Yiwen Xu and Haifeng Zheng
40 Inferior Solutions in Gaussian EDA: Useless or Useful? Yongsheng Liang, Zhigang Ren, Lin Wang, Bei Pang and Mohammad Moinul Hossain
41 Problem Encoding Allowing Cheap Fitness Computation of Mutated Individuals Michal Przewozniczek
42 A Bi-objective Hybrid Constrained Optimization (HyCon) Method Using a Multi-Objective and Penalty Function Approach Rituparna Datta, Kalyanmoy Deb and Aviv Segev
43 Incentive Mechanism for Participatory Sensing: A Contract-Based Approach Zhonghui Chen, Yeting Lin, Xinxin Feng, Haifeng Zheng and Yiwen Xu
44 Ensemble-based Multi-objective Clustering Algorithms for Gene Expression Data Sets Ruochen Liu, Jianxia Li, Mingyang Zhang and Yangyang Li
45 A New Learning based Dynamic Multi-objective Optimisation Evolutionary Algorithm Xiaogang Fu and Jianyong Sun
46 Optimal Parameter Regions for Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithms Kyle Harrison, Beatrice Ombuki-Berman and Andries Engelbrecht
47 Comparison of Visualization Approaches in Many-objective Optimization Zhenan He and Gary Yen
48 Evolving Dispatching Rules for Dynamic Job Shop Scheduling with Uncertain Processing Times Deepak Karunakaran, Yi Mei, Gang Chen and Mengjie Zhang
49 Ensemble Sinusoidal Differential Covariance Matrix Adaptation with Euclidean Neighborhood for Solving CEC2017 Benchmark Problems Noor Awad, Mostafa Ali and Ponnuthurai Suganthan
50 A Novel Differential Crossover Strategy based on Covariance Matrix Learning with Euclidean Neighborhood for Solving Real-World Problems Noor Awad, Mostafa Ali, Ponnuthurai Suganthan, Robert Reynolds and Ali Shatnawi
51 Evolutionary Optimization of Weight Coefficients of Power Spectrum for Detection of Driver-induced Steering Oscillation Dipak Gaire Sharma, Ivan Tanev and Katsunori Shimohara
52 Improved Artificial Bee Colony Algorithm for Solving Urban Traffic Light Scheduling Problem Kaizhou Gao, Yicheng Zhang, Ali Sadollah and Rong Su
53 The AWA Artificial emergent aWareness Architecture model for Artificial Immune Ecosystems Pierre Parrend, Pierre David, Fabio Guigou, Cedric Pupka and Pierre Collet
54 Many-objective optimization for Community Detection in multi-layer networks Clara Pizzuti and Annalisa Socievole
55 Genetic Programming for Improved Cryptanalysis of Elliptic Curve Cryptosystems Tim Ribaric and Sheridan Houghten
56 Global View-based Selection Mechanism for Many-objective Evolutionary Algorithms Yanan Sun, Gary Yen and Zhang Yi
57 Efficient Multi-objective Evolutionary Algorithms for Solving the Multi-stage Weapon Target Assignment Problem: A Comparison Study Juan Li, Jie Chen, Bin Xin and Lu Chen
58 An Improved Multiobjective Evolutionary Approach for Community Detection in Multilayer Networks Wenfeng Liu, Shanfeng Wang, Maoguo Gong and Mingyang Zhang
59 Differential Evolution Algorithm with Learning Selection Strategy for SAR Image Change Detection Feng Chen, Jiao Shi, Yunhong Ma, Yu Lei and Maoguo Gong
60 Multi-objective Endmember Extraction for Hyperspectral Images Hao Li, Jingjing Ma, Jia Liu, Maoguo Gong and Mingyang Zhang
61 Fuzzy Multi-objective Sparse Feature Learning Na Li, Yu Lei, Jiao Shi and Maoguo Gong
62 Evolutionary Multi-task Learning for Modular Extremal Learning Machine Zedong Tang, Maoguo Gong and Mingyang Zhang
63 Nature-inspired Heuristics for the Multiple-Vehicle Selective Pickup and Delivery Problem under Maximum Profit and Incentive Fairness Criteria Javier Del Ser, Ana Isabel Torre-Bastida, Ibai Lana, Miren Nekane Bilbao and Cristina Perfecto
64 Discrete Particle Swarm Optimization Based Influence Maximization in Complex Networks Qixiang Wang, Maoguo Gong, Chao Song and Shanfeng Wang
65 Memetic Algorithm Based Feature Selection for Hyperspectral Images Classification Mingyang Zhang, Jingjing Ma, Maoguo Gong, Hao Li and Jia Liu
66 Clustering-Based Evolution Control for Surrogate-Assisted Particle Swarm Optimization Haibo Yu, Ying Tan, Chaoli Sun and Jianchao Zeng
67 An Improved Brain Storm Optimization Algorithm Based on Graph Theory Gai-Ge Wang, Guo-Sheng Hao, Shi Cheng, Yuhui Shi and Zhihua Cui
68 Harmonic Analysis and Resynthesis of Sliding-Tile Puzzle Heuristics Jerry Swan
69 A Multi-Armed Bandit Selection Strategy for Hyper-heuristics Alexandre Ferreira, Aurora Pozo and Richard Goncalves
70 Coral Reef Optimization for Intensity-based Medical Image Registration Enrique Bermejo, Manuel Chica, Sancho Salcedo-Sanz and Oscar Cordon
71 Distributed Path Planning for Multi-Robot Teams based on Artificial Bee Colony Marco A. Contreras-Cruz, Jose J. Lopez-Perez and Victor Ayala-Ramirez
72 Optimal Vibration Control and Innovization for Rectangular Plate Shamim Mashrouteh, Shahryar Rahnamayan and Ebrahim Esmailzadeh
73 A Parallel Tabu Search for the Unconstrained Binary Quadratic Programming Problem Jialong Shi, Qingfu Zhang, Bilel Derbel and Arnaud Liefooghe
74 Vector Evaluated Particle Swarm Optimization: The Archive's Influence on Performance Christiaan Scheepers and Andries Engelbrecht
75 Multi-view semi-supervised learning using Genetic Programming interpretable classification rules Carlos Garcia-Martinez and Sebastian Ventura
76 MO-MAHM: A Parallel Multi-agent Architecture for Hybridization of Metaheuristics for Multi-objective Problems I. R. M. Silva, E. F. G. Goldbarg, E. B. Carvalho and M. C. Goldbarg
77 A Parameterized Scheme of Metaheuristics with Exact Methods for determining the Principle of Least Action in Data Envelopment Analysis Martin Gonzalez, Jose Juan Lopez, Juan Aparicio, Domingo Gimenez and El-Ghazali Talbi
78 Using Evolutionary Mutation Testing to Improve the Quality of Test Suites Pedro Delgado-Perez, Inmaculada Medina-Bulo and Manuel Nunez
79 Empirical Study of Bound Constraint-Handling Methods in Particle Swarm Optimization for Constrained Search Spaces Efren Juarez-Castillo, Hector-Gabriel Acosta-Mesa and Efren Mezura-Montes
80 Improved Evolutionary Generation of Test Data for Multiple Paths in Search-based Software Testing Ziming Zhu, Xiong Xu and Li Jiao
81 On Multi-Objective Efficient Global Optimization via Universal Kriging Surrogate Model Pramudita Palar and Koji Shimoyama
82 A Dynamic Search Space Approach to Improving Learning in a Simulated Flapping Wing Micro Air Vehicle Monica Sam, Sanjay Boddhu and John Gallagher
83 A virtual-decision-maker library considering personalities and dynamically changing preference structures for interactive multiobjective optimization Lu Chen, Bin Xin, Jie Chen and Juan Li
84 Genetic Fuzzy c-mean clustering-based decomposition for low power FSM synthesis Yanyun Tao, Qinyu Wang and Yuzhen Zhang
85 Efficient Nonlinear Correlation Detection for Decomposed Search in Evolutionary Multi-Objective Optimization Handing Wang and Yaochu Jin
86 Schematic Study on Interaction and Imbalance Effects of Variables for Large-scale Optimization Mahdavi Sedigheh and Rahnamayan Shahryar
87 Adaptive GA-based AR-Hidden Markov Model for Time Series Forecasting Naoki Toriyama, Keiko Ono and Yukiko Orito
88 Finding Multi-Density Clusters in Non-Stationary Data Streams Using an Ant Colony with Adaptive Parameters Conor Fahy, Shengxiang Yang and Mario Gongora
89 A Tensor-based Mutation Operator for Neuroevolution of Augmenting Topologies (NEAT) Aldo Marzullo, Claudio Stamile, Giorgio Terracina, Francesco Calimeri and Sabine Van Huffel
90 Search-Based Test Case Generation for Cyber-Physical Systems Aitor Arrieta, Shuai Wang, Urtzi Markiegi, Goiuria Sagardui and Leire Etxeberria
91 Clustering and Differential Evolution for Multimodal Optimization Borko Boskovic and Janez Brest
92 A Novel Fireworks Algorithm with Wind Inertia Dynamics and its Application to Traffic Forecasting Ibai Lana, Javier Del Ser and Manuel Velez
93 Engineering Benchmark Generation and Performance Measurment of Evolutinary Algorithms Joong Hoon Kim, Ho Min Lee, Donghwi Jung and Ali Sadollah
94 A Study on Auto-configuration of Multi-objective Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithm Ricardo Lima and Aurora Pozo
95 A variable block insertion heuristic for permutation flowshops with makespan criterion M. Fatih Tasgetiren, Quan-Ke Pan, Damla Kizilay and Mario C. Velez-Gallego
96 An algorithm for a class of real-life multi-objective optimization problems with a sweeping objective Fabio Passos, Elisenda Roca, Rafael Castro-Lopez and Francisco V. Fernandez
97 Parallel Genetic Algorithms with Sharing of Individuals for Sorting Unsigned Genomes by Reversals Lucas Angelo da Silveira, Jose Luis Socco-Alvarez and Mauricio Ayala-Rincon
98 Exploiting the Social Graph: Increasing Engagement in a Collaborative Interactive Evolution Application Mario Garcia Valdez, Christian Romero, Juan-J Merelo and Alejandra Mancilla
99 An LaF-CMAES hybrid for optimization in multi-modal search spaces Antonio Bolufe-Rohler, Dania Tamayo-Vera and Stephen Chen
100 Real-World Applications in the Communications Industry - When Do We Resort to Differential Evolution ? Rainer Storn
101 Subdividing Labeling Genetic Algorithm: A New Method for Solving Continuous Nonlinear Optimization Problems Majid Esmaelian, Madjid Tavana, Francisco Javier Santos Arteaga and Masoumeh Vali
102 Landscape Estimation of Decision-tree Induction based on Grammatical Evolution using Rank Correlation Keiko Ono and Jun-ichi Kushida
103 Design of multi-product multi-period two-echelon supply chain network to minimize bullwhip effect through differential evolution Ozgur Kabadurmus, M. Serdar Erdogan and M. Fatih Tasgetiren
104 A Decomposition based Multiobjective Evolutionary Algorithm with Semi-Supervised Classification Xiaoji Chen, Chuan Shi, Aimin Zhou, Bin Wu and Zixing Cai
105 Analysis among winners of different IEEE CEC competitions on Real-parameters Optimization: Is there always improvement? Daniel Molina, Francisco Moreno-Garcia and Francisco Herrera
106 Modeling, Analysis and Simulation on Searching for Global Optimum Region of Particle Swarm Optimization Liu Jun, Li Ping, Ma Xiaoning and Xie Jiaxun
107 A Genetic Algorithm for the UCITS-Constrained Index-Tracking Problem Oliver Strub and Norbert Trautmann
108 Use of Derived Heuristics in Improved Performance of Evolutionary Optimization: An Application to Gold Processing Plant Christie Myburgh and Kalyanmoy Deb
109 A Cooperative Brain Storm Optimization Algorithm Julio Alberto Lopez-Gomez, Ricardo Garcia-Rodenas and Luis Jimenez Linares
110 Using fuzzy automata to diagnose and predict heart problems Azahara Camacho, Mercedes Merayo and Manuel Nunez
111 Genetic Programming for Image Feature Descriptor Learning Stanton Price and Derek Anderson
112 Scatter Search for Distributed Assembly Flowshop Scheduling to Minimize Total Tardiness Yixin Yang, Peng Li, Shouyang Wang, Bo Liu and Yongliang Luo
113 Evolutionary Algorithm with Convergence Speed Controller for Automated Software Test Data Generation Problem Fangqing Liu, Han Huang and Zhifeng Hao
114 Convergence Criteria for the Particle Swarm Optimization in a Full Iterative Process Sameh Kessentini and Dominique Barchiesi
115 A PSO-based Hyper-heuristic for Evolving Dispatching Rules in Job Shop Scheduling Su Nguyen and Mengjie Zhang
116 Solving Dynamic Vehicle Routing Problem via Evolutionary Search with Learning Capability Zhou Lei, Feng Liang, Gupta Abhishek, Ong Yew-Soon, Liu Kai, Chen Chao, Sha Edwin, Yang Bo and Yan Bo-Wen
117 Evolutionary Multi-objective Optimization of Business Process Designs with Pre-processing Kostas Georgoulakos, George Tsakalidis, Kostas Vergidis and Nikolaos Samaras
118 Multi-objective evolutionary optimization based on decomposition with linkage identification considering monotonicity Izumiya Kousuke and Masaharu Munetomo
119 An Efficient Rank-1 Update for Cholesky CMA-ES Using Auxiliary Evolution Path Zhenhua Li and Qingfu Zhang
120 An Empirical Study of Multifactorial PSO and Multifactorial DE Feng Liang, Zhou Wei, Zhou Lei, Jiang Si-Wei, Zhong Jinghui, Da Bingshui, Zhu Zexuan and Wang Yu
121 Evolving Test Environments to Identify Faults in Swarm Robotics Algorithms Hao Wei, Jon Timmis and Rob Alexander
122 Situated Color Aesthetics by Evolutionary Computation Michael S. Bittermann and Ciftcioglu Ozer
123 Evolutionary Design of FRAX Decks Daniel Ashlock and Andrew McEachern
124 Dynamic Distance Minimization Problems for dynamic Multi-objective Optimization Heiner Zille, Andre Kottenhahn and Sanaz Mostaghim
125 A Parallel Ant Colony System Based on Region Decomposition for Taxi-Passenger Matching Situ Xin, Chen Wei-Neng, Gong Yue-Jiao, Lin Ying, Yu Wei-Jie, Yu Zhiwen and Zhang Jun
126 A Comparative Study of Multiobjective Evolutionary Algorithms for Wireless Local Area Network Design Marlon Lima, Rafael Alexandre, Ricardo Takahashi and Eduardo Carrano
127 Accelerating MOEA/D by Nelder-Mead Method Hanwei Zhang, Aimin Zhou, Guixu Zhang and Hemant Kumar Singh
128 Learning Automata Induced Artificial Bee Colony for Noisy Optimization Pratyusha Rakshit, Amit Konar and Atulya K Nagar
129 EDA based Probabilistic Memetic Algorithm for Distributed Blocking Permutation Flowshop Scheduling with Sequence Dependent Setup Time Wenzhe Duan, Zhengyang Li, Yixin Yang, Keyao Wang and Bo Liu
130 On Asymptotic Complexity of the Optimum Golomb Ruler Problem: From Established Stochastic Methods to Self-Avoiding Walks Franc Brglez, Borko Boskovic and Janez Brest
131 Multi Objective Skylight Optimization for a Healthcare Facility Foyer Space Muhittin Yufka, Berk Ekici, Cemre Cubukcuoglu, Ioannis Chatzikonstantinou and I. Sevil Sariyildiz
132 Similarities and Sensitivity: Immune and Ant Algorithms Applied towards Robotics Camelia-M. Pintea, Simone A. Ludwig, Petrica C. Pop and Oliviu Matei
133 Design of Rectangular Facade Modules through Computational Intelligence Selim Karaman, Berk Ekici, Cemre Cubukcuoglu, Basak Kundakci Koyunbaba and Ilker Kahraman
134 An Evolutionary Approach for fMRI Big Data Classification Amirhessam Tahmassebi, Amir H. Gandomi, Ian McCann, Mieke H.J. Schulte, Lianne Schmaal, Anna E. Goudriaan and Anke Meyer-Baese
135 Multi-objective Optimization of Artificial Swimmers Siddhartha Verma, Panagiotis Hadjidoukas, Philipp Wirth and Petros Koumoutsakos
136 A Modified Indicator-based Evolutionary Algorithm (mIBEA) Wenwen Li, Ender Ozcan, Robert John, John H. Drake, Aneta Neumann and Markus Wagner
137 Tuning a Simulated Annealing Metaheuristic for Cross-domain Search Warren Jackson, Ender Ozcan and Robert I. John
138 A comparison of three large-scale global optimizers on the CEC 2017 single objective real parameter numerical optimization benchmark Antonio LaTorre and Jose-Maria Pena
139 On the scalability of population restart mechanisms on large-scale global optimization Antonio LaTorre and Jose-Maria Pena
140 Applying the Biased Form of the Adaptive Generative Representation James Montgomery and Daniel Ashlock
141 Evolutionary approaches for surgical path planning: a quantitative study on Deep Brain Stimulation Noura Hamze, Pierre Collet and Caroline Essert
142 SADE-SPL: A Self-Adapting Differential Evolution algorithm with a loop Structure Pattern Library for the PSP problem Mariana Oliveira, Bruno Borguesan and Marcio Dorn
143 PasMoQAP: A Parallel Asynchronous Memetic Algorithm for solving the Multi-Objective Quadratic Assignment Problem Claudio Sanhueza, Francia Jimenez, Regina Berretta and Pablo Moscato
144 An evolutionary multi-agent algorithm to explore the high degree of selectivity in three-dimensional protein structures Leonardo Correa, Mario Inostroza-Ponta and Marcio Dorn
145 Using Local Search Strategies to Improve the Performance of NSGA-II for the Multi-Criteria Minimum Spanning Tree Problem Jorge Parraga-Alava, Marcio Dorn and Mario Inostroza-Ponta
146 A Note on Constrained Multi-Objective Optimization Benchmark Problems Ryoji Tanabe and Akira Oyama
147 A Dynamic Migration Policy to the Island Model Grasiele Duarte, Afonso Lemonge and Leonardo Goliatt
148 Information Core Optimization Using Evolutionary Algorithm with Elite Population in Recommender Systems Caihong Mu, Huiwen Cheng, Wei Feng, Yi Liu and Rong Qu
149 Change Detection in SAR Images Based on the Salient Map Guidance and an Accelerated Genetic Algorithm Mu Caihong, Li Chengzhou, Liu Yi, Sun Menghua, Jiao Licheng and Rong Qu
150 Particle Filter Track-Before-Detect Algorithm with Lamarckian Inheritance for Improved Dim Target Tracking Lin Li and Yun Li
151 Multi-objective Optimization with Proper Orthogonal Decomposition and Gaussian Predictive Distribution Hou Liqiang, Zhao Gang, Yang Yue and Hou Zhaohui
152 On Using Novel ``Anti-Bayesian'' Techniques for the Classification of Dynamical Data Streams Hugo Lewi Hammer, Yazidi Anis and B. John Oommen
153 Search-Based Requirements Traceability Recovery: A Multi-Objective Approach Adnane Ghannem, Mohamed S. Hamdi, Marouane Kessentini and Hany H. Ammar
154 Enhanced Operation of Grid-connected Photovoltaic System Using Interval Type-2 Fuzzy Control Vigneysh T. and Kumarappan N.
155 Stability Analysis and Dynamic Performance Enhancement of Autonomous Microgrid using Adaptive Fuzzy PI Controller Vigneysh T. and Kumarappan N.
156 A New Open-SourceEnergy Management Framework: Functional Description and Preliminary Results Marco Fagiani, Marco Severini, Stefano Squartini, Lucio Ciabattoni, Francesco Ferracuti, Alessandro Fonti and Gabriele Comodi
157 Performance Comparison of Parallel Asynchronous Multi-Objective Evolutionary Algorithm with Different Asynchrony Tomohiro Harada and Keiki Takadama
158 Link Mapping-Oriented Ant Colony System for Virtual Network Embedding Zheng Hong-Kun, Li Jing-Jing, Gong Yue-Jiao, Chen Wei-Neng, Yu Zhiwen, Zhan Zhi-Hui and Lin Ying
159 A Unified Differential Evolution Algorithm for Constrained Optimization Problems Anupam Trivedi, Krishnendu Sanyal, Pranjal Verma and Dipti Srinivasan
160 Document Clustering with Evolved Search Queries Laurence Hirsch and Alessandro Di Nuovo
161 How to Best Automate Intersection Management Geoff Nitschke and Aashiq Parker
162 Intelligent Appliance Control Algorithm for Optimizing User Energy Demand in Smart Homes Rahul Mehta, Dipti Srinivasan and Pranjal Verma
163 PSO-based Search Mechanism in Dynamic Environments: Swarms in Vector Fields Palina Bartashevich, Luigi Grimaldi and Sanaz Mostaghim
164 Revisiting the 4-part harmonization problem with GAs: A Critical Review and proposals for a improving. Francisco Fernandez de Vega
165 Genetic Programming for Solving Common and Domain-independent Generic Recursive Problems Tessa Phillips, Mengjie Zhang and Bing Xue
166 Common Subtrees in Related Problems: A Novel Transfer Learning Approach for Genetic Programming Damien O'Neill, Harith Al-Sahaf, Bing Xue and Mengjie Zhang
167 Linearized Domain Adaptation in Evolutionary Multitasking Kavitesh Kumar Bali, Abhishek Gupta, Liang Feng, Yew Soon Ong and Puay Siew Tan
168 Using Sentiment from Twitter optimized by Genetic Algorithms to Predict the Stock Market Carlos Simoes, Rui Neves and Nuno Horta
169 Single Objective Real-Parameter Optimization: Algorithm jSO Janez Brest, Mirjam Sepesy Maucec and Borko Boskovic
170 A New Hybrid Genetic Variable Neighborhood Search Heuristic for the Vehicle Routing Problem with Multiple Time Windows Slim Belhaiza, Rym M'Hallah and Ghassen Ben Brahim
171 Organization-based Multi-Agent Structure of the Smart Home Electricity System Amin Shokri Gazafroudi, Tiago Pinto, Francisco Prieto-Castrillo, Javier Prieto, Juan Manuel Corchado, Aria Jozi, Zita Vale and Ganesh Kumar Venayagamoorthy
172 Modeling Undependable Subsidies with Three-player Generalized Divide the Dollar Daniel Ashlock and Garrison Greenwood
173 An Efficient Batch Expensive Multi-objective Evolutionary Algorithm based on Decomposition Xi Lin, Qingfu Zhang and Sam Kwong
174 Multi-method based Orthogonal Experimental Design Algorithm for Solving CEC2017 Competition Problems Karam Sallam, Saber Elsayed, Ruhul Sarker and Daryl Essam
175 Enhanced Individual-dependent Differential Evolution with Population Size Adaptation Petr Bujok and Josef Tvrdik
176 Preference Incorporation to Solve Multi-Objective Mission Planning of Agile Earth Observation Satellites Longmei Li, Feng Yao, Ning Jing and Michael Emmerich
177 Characterising Neutrality in Neural Network Error Landscapes Willem Abraham van Aardt, Anna Sergeevna Bosman and Katherine Mary Malan
178 Evaluating and Modelling Hanabi-Playing Agents Joseph Walton-Rivers, Piers Williams, Richard Bartle, Diego Perez-Liebana and Simon Lucas
179 Novel Clique Enumeration Heuristic for Detecting Overlapping Clusters Rafael Schmitt, Pedro Ramos, Rafael Santiago and Luis Lamb
180 D-BRKGA: a Distributed Biased Random-Key Genetic Algorithm Bruno Ferreira de Faria Alixandre and Marcio Dorn
181 A Cooperative Co-evolution Approach for a Line-seru Conversion Problem Xiang Li, Dongni Li, Yong Yin, Xuhui Wu and Hong Zheng
182 Grid Ancillary Service using Distributed Computational Intelligence based control of Renewables and Storage Systems in a Distribution Network Kumar Utkarsh, Dipti Srinivasan, Thomas Reindl and Anupam Trivedi
183 Evolutionary generation and degeneration of randomness to assess the indepedence of the Ent test battery Julio Hernandez-Castro and David F. Barrero
184 Solving Multi-objective Games using A-priori Auxiliary Criteria Meir Harel, Erella Matalon-Eisenstadt and Amiram Moshaiov
185 A Simple Framework for Constrained Problems with Application of L-SHADE44 and IDE Josef Tvrdik and Radka Polakova
186 Vector Representation of Non-standard Spellings Using Dynamic Time Wrapping and a Denoising Autoencoder Mehdi Ben Lazreg, Morten Goodwin and Ole-Christoffer Granmo
187 Combining CMA-ES and MOEA/DD for many-objective optimization Olacir Castro Jr., Jose A. Lozano, Roberto Santana and Aurora Pozo
188 Unsupervised Method to Ensemble Results of Multiple Clustering Solutions for Bibliographic Data Sumit Mishra, Sriparna Saha and Samrat Mondal
189 Elitism and aggregation methods in partial redundant evolutionary swarms solving a multi-objective tasks Ruby Moritz, Heiner Zille and Sanaz Mostaghim
190 Learning Heuristic Selection using a Time Delay Neural Network for Open Vehicle Routing Raras Tyasnurita, Ender Ozcan and Robert John
191 Tile Map Size Optimization for Real World Routing By Using Differential Evolution Andres Camero, Javier Arellano-Verdejo, Christian Cintrano and Enrique Alba
192 A Version of IPOP-CMA-ES Algorithm with Midpoint for CEC 2017 Single Objective Bound Constrained Problems Rafal Biedrzycki
193 Proving Theorems by Using Evolutionary Search with Human Involvement Szu-Yi Huang and Ying-ping Chen
194 Ranking Multi-Objective Evolutionary Algorithms using a Chess Rating System with Quality Indicator Ensemble Miha Ravber, Marjan Mernik and Matej Crepinsek
195 A new trans-Atlantic route structure for strategic flight planning over the NAT airspace Imen Dhief, Nour Houda Dougui, Daniel Delahaye and Noureddine Hamdi
196 New Heuristics for Multi-Objective Worst-Case Optimization in Evidence-Based Robust Design Carlos Ortega Absil and Massimiliano Vasile
197 Large-scale Cooperative Co-evolution with Bi-objective Selection Based Imbalanced Multi-Modal Optimization Xingguang Peng and Yapei Wu
198 Multi-objective Evolution of Hash Functions for High Speed Networks David Grochol and Lukas Sekanina
199 Surrogate-assisted evolutionary multiobjective shape optimization of an air intake ventilation system Tinkle Chugh, Karthik Sindhya, Kaisa Miettinen, Yaochu Jin, Tomas Kratky and Pekka Makkonen
200 Accelerating Artificial Bee Colony Algorithm with Neighborhood Search Xianneng Li, Huiyan Yang, Meihua Yang, Xian Yang and Guangfei Yang
201 Automatic Generation of Neural Networks with Structured Grammatical Evolution Filipe Assuncao, Nuno Lourenco, Penousal Machado and Bernardete Ribeiro
202 Iterated Local Search for Distributed Multiple Assembly No-wait Flowshop Scheduling Peng Li, Yixin Yang, Xiying Du, Xinghua Qu, Keyang Wang and Bo Liu
203 Social Grammatical Evolution with Imitation Learning for Real-Valued Function Estimation Nam Le, Michael O'Neill, David Fagan and Anthony Brabazon
204 Estimation of Distribution Algorithm for the Multi-Mode Resource Constrained Project Scheduling Problem Mayowa Ayodele, John McCall and Olivier Regnier-Coudert
205 Algebraic Particle Swarm Optimization for the Permutations Search Space Marco Baioletti, Alfredo Milani and Valentino Santucci
206 Compressor Blade Design for Stationary Gas Turbines Using Dimension Reduced Surrogate Modeling Lennard Hartwig and Dieter Bestle
207 Knee Point Analysis of Many-Objective Pareto Fronts Based on Reeb Graph Naoki Hamada and Kazuhisa Chiba
208 Multi-level selection genetic algorithm applied to CEC '09 test instances Przemyslaw Grudniewski and Adam Sobey
209 Multi-Objective Heuristics applied to real-based Robot Task Planning for Inspection Plants Itziar Landa-Torres, Jesus L. Lobo, Idoia Murua, Diana Manjarres and Javier DelSer
210 A Square Lattice Probability Model for Optimising the Graph Partitioning Problem Josu Ceberio, Alexander Mendiburu and Jose Antonio Lozano
211 A Comprehensive Survey of Brain Storm Optimization Algorithms Shi Cheng, Yifei Sun, Junfeng Chen, Quande Qin, Xianghua Chu, Xiujuan Lei and Yuhui Shi
212 Are We Generating Instances Uniformly at Random? Josu Ceberio, Alex Mendiburu and Jose Antonio Lozano
213 Facial Expression Recongition using a Firefly-based Feature Optimization Kamlesh Mistry, Li Zhang, Graham Sexton, Yifeng Zeng and Mengda He
214 Evolving deep neural networks architectures for Android malware classification Alejandro Martin, Felix Fuentes-Hurtado, Valery Naranjo and David Camacho
215 Declustering of an Earthquake Catalog Based on Ergodicity using Parallel Grey Wolf Optimization Rahul Vijay and Satyasai Jagannath Nanda
216 Generation of first-order TSK rules based on the apriori + search Javier Cozar del Olmo, Luis de la Ossa Jimenez and Jose Antonio Gamez Martin
217 L-SHADE with Competing Strategies Applied to Constrained Optimization Radka Polakova
218 Optimal Experimental Design of Field Trials using Differential Evolution. An application in Quantitative Genetics and Plant Breeding. Vitaliy Feoktistov, Stephane Pietravalle and Nicolas Heslot
219 Residual Dose Deviation Differential Histogram Analysis Using Evolutionary-Optimized Transform Parameters for Dose Distribution Warping in Patient-Specific Quality Assurance in External Beam Radiation Therapy Matthew Witten and Owen Clancey
220 Improving local search in a minimum vertex cover solver for classes of networks Markus Wagner, Tobias Friedrich and Marius Lindauer
221 How Symmetry Constrains Evolutionary Optimizers: Black Box Differential Evolution - A Case Study Kenneth Price
222 Evolutionary design of hash functions for Cuckoo hashing using genetic programming for IP address hashing Marek Kidon and Roland Dobai
223 Multi-objective memetic algorithm based on request prediction for dynamic pickup-and-delivery problems Yang Yanming, Sun Yiwen and Zhu Zexuan
224 Analysis of the Population-Based Ant Colony Optimization Algorithm for the TSP and the QAP Sabrina Oliveira, Mohamed Saifullah Bin Hussin, Thomas Stuetzle, Andrea Roli and Marco Dorigo
225 Spares parts optimization for legacy telecom networks using a permutation-based evolutionary algorithm Sid Shakya, Beum Seuk Lee, Carla Di Cairano-Gilfedder and Gilbert Owusu
226 Improved Activation Schema on Automatic Clustering Using Differential Evolution Algorithm Hiu-Hin Tam, Sin-Chun Ng, Andrew K. Lui and Man-Fai Leung
227 A New Approach to Target Region Based Multiobjective Evolutionary Algorithms Yali Wang, Longmei Li, Kaifeng Yang and Michael Emmerich
228 Variable Block Insertion Heuristic for the Quadratic Assignment Problem M. Fatih Tasgetiren, Quan-Ke Pan, Yucel Ozturkoglu and Ozlem Koctas Cotur
229 Diversity-Based Adaptive Genetic Algorithm for a Workforce Scheduling and Routing Problem Haneen Algethami and Dario Landa-Silva
230 Evolutionary algorithms to optimize low-thrust trajectory design in spacecraft orbital precession mission Abolfazl Shirazi, Josu Ceberio and Jose A. Lozano
231 The Functional Dendritic Cell Algorithm: A Formal Specification With Haskell Julie Greensmith and Michael Gale
232 Portfolios investment through a combinatorial multiobjective optimization model using CVaR Bruno Barroso, Fernando Ferreira, Gustavo Hanaoka, Felipe Paiva and Rodrigo Cardoso
233 Configuring Advanced Evolutionary Algorithms for Multicriteria Building Spatial Design Optimisation Koen van der Blom, Sjonnie Boonstra, Herm Hofmeyer, Thomas Back and Michael Emmerich
234 Revisiting the Analysis of Population Variance in Differential Evolution Algorithms Daniela Zaharie and Flavia Micota
235 Knowledge-based Particle Swarm Optimization for PID Controller Tuning Junfeng Chen, Mohammad Nabi Omidvar, Morteza Azad and Xin Yao
236 A self-adaptive evolutionary algorithm for solving flexible job-shop problem with sequence dependent setup time and learning effects Ameni Azzouz, Meriem Ennigrou and Lamjed Ben Said
237 Improving the local search capability of Effective Butterfly Optimizer using Covariance Matrix Adapted Retreat phase Abhishek Kumar, Rakesh Misra and Devender Singh
238 Exploring the scalability of multiple signatures in iris recognition using GA on the acceptance frontier search Fernando Bernardo, Gladston Moreira, Eduardo Luz, Paulo Oliveira and Alvaro Guarda
239 Automated Design of Hyper-Heuristics Components to Solve the PSP Problem with HP Model Vidal Fontoura, Aurora Pozo and Roberto Santana
240 A Novel Approach for Hepatocellular Carcinoma Detection and Classification Based on Triphasic CT Protocol Vitoantonio Bevilacqua, Antonio Brunetti, Gianpaolo Trotta, Giovanni Dimauro, Katarina Elez, Vito Alberotanza and Arnaldo Scardapane
241 Age-related relationships among peripheral B lymphocytes subpopulations Alberto Castellini, Giuditta Franco and Antonio Vella
242 A Differential Evolution Strategy Dariusz Jagodzinski and Jaroslaw Arabas
243 Multi-Swarm Algorithm Based on Archiving and Topologies for Many-Objective Optimization Jose Lucas Matos and Andre Britto
244 A Gaussian Mixture Model Based Local Search for Differential Evolution Algorithm Elaine Guerrero-Pena and Aluizio Araujo
245 Parameter Estimation of Nonlinear Nitrate Prediction Model Using Genetic Algorithm Rui Wu, Jose Painumkal, John Volk, Siming Liu, Sushil Louis, Scott Tyler, Sergiu Dascalu and Frederick Harris
246 Evolutionary Method for Weight Vector Generation in Multi-Objective Evolutionary Algorithms based on Decomposition and Aggregation Ivan Reinaldo Meneghini and Frederico Gadelha Guimaraes
247 Finding optimized configurations for variability-intensive systems without constraint violations using a Regulatory Algorithm (RGA) Ole Meyer, Florian Wessling and Christina Kluever
248 Differential Evolution with Preferential Interaction Network Pavel Kromer, Milos Kudelka, Roman Senkerik and Michal Pluhacek
249 Solving Binary Classification Problems with Carbon Nanotube / Liquid Crystal Composites and Evolutionary Algorithms Eleonore Vissol-Gaudin, Apostolos Kotsialos, Christopher Groves, M. Kieran Massey, Christopher Pearson, Dagou A. Zeze and Michael C. Petty
250 Towards the development of a complete GP system on an FPGA using geometric semantic operators Carlos Goribar-Jimenez, Yazmin Maldonado, Leonardo Trujillo, Mauro Castelli, Ivo Goncalves and Leonardo Vanneschi
251 Proactive Particles in Swarm Optimization: a Settings-Free Algorithm for Real-Parameter Single Objective Optimization Problems Andrea Tangherloni, Leonardo Rundo and Marco S. Nobile
252 Evolving Heuristics for Dynamic Vehicle Routing with Time Windows Using Genetic Programming Josiah Jacobsen-Grocott, Yi Mei, Gang Chen and Mengjie Zhang
253 Population Seeding Techniques for Rolling Horizon Evolution in General Video Game Playing Raluca Gaina, Simon Lucas and Diego Perez-Liebana
254 Local Optima Networks of the Permutation Flowshop Scheduling Problem: Makespan vs. Total Flow Time Leticia Hernando, Fabio Daolio, Nadarajen Veerapen and Gabriela Ochoa
255 A Local Search Method for Graph Clustering Heuristics based on Partitional Distribution Learning Diana Manjarres, Itziar Landa and Javier Del Ser
256 Alopex-based Mutation Strategy in Differential Evolution Miguel Leon and Ning Xiong
257 Nonlinear Control of a Photovoltaic Battery System via ABC-tuned Dynamic Surface Controller Alessandro Baldini, Lucio Ciabattoni, Riccardo Felicetti, Francesco Ferracuti, Alessandro Freddi and Andrea Monteriu'
258 Nature-inspired Approaches for Distance Metric Learning in Multivariate Time Series Classification Izaskun Oregi, Javier Del Ser, Aritz Perez and Jose A. Lozano
259 A Novel Mutation Operator for the Evolutionary Learning of Bayesian Networks Claudio De Stefano, Francesco Fontanella and Alessandra Scotto di Freca
260 An evolutionary algorithm for mining rare association rules: a Big Data approach Francisco Padillo, J.M. Luna and Sebastian Ventura
261 An Evolutionary Algorithm for Optimizing the Target Ordering in Ensemble of Regressor Chains Jose M. Moyano, Eva L. Gibaja and Sebastian Ventura
262 Estimation of Distribution Algorithms for Decision-Tree Induction Henry Cagnini, Rodrigo Barros and Marcio Basgalupp
263 Knowledge-Based Genetic Algorithm for the 0-1 Multidimensional Knapsack Problem Abdellah Rezoug, Mohamed Bader-El-Den and Dalila Boughaci
264 On the Effect of Local Search in the Multi-objective Evolutionary Discovery of Software Architectures Aurora Ramirez, Jose Raul Romero and Sebastian Ventura
265 Multiobjective Sizing Optimization of a Steel Girder Bridge with a Simple Target-Driven approach Mariapia Marchi, Rizzian Luca and Costanzo Stefano
266 A First Attempt on Global Evolutionary Undersampling for Imbalanced Big Data Isaac Triguero, Mikel Galar, Humberto Bustince and Francisco Herrera
267 Solving a Multiobjective Caloric-Restricted Diet Problem Using Differential Evolution Joao Gabriel Rocha Silva, Heder Soares Bernardino, Helio Jose Correa Barbosa, Iago Augusto Carvalho, Vinicius da Fonseca Vieira, Michelli Marlane Silva Loureiro and Carolina Ribeiro Xavier
268 Different parallelism levels using GPU for solving Max-CSPs with PSO Narjess Dali and Sadok Bouamama
269 General Video Game AI: Learning from Screen Capture Kamolwan Kunanusont, Simon Lucas and Diego Perez-Liebana
270 Hybridizing Change Detection Schemes for Dynamic Optimization Problems Lokman Altin, Haluk Topcoglu and Murat Ermis
271 Optimal Energy Management of Residential PV/HESS Using Evolutionary Fuzzy Control Petr Musilek, Pavel Kromer, Rodrigo Martins and Holger Hesse
272 An Evolutionary Schema for Mining Skyline Clusters of Attributed Graph Data Wajdi Dhifli, Noemie Oliveira Da Costa and Mohamed Elati
273 Preference-guided Adaptation of Deformation Representations for Evolutionary Design Optimization Andreas Richter, Stefan Menzel and Mario Botsch
274 Enhanced Firefly Algorithm for Constrained Numerical Optimization Ivana Strumberger, Nebojsa Bacanin and Milan Tuba
275 Learning of a Tracker Model from Multi-Radar Data for Performance Prediction of Air Surveillance System Marja Ruotsalainen and Juha Jylha
276 On the Evolution of Bent (n, m) Functions Stjepan Picek, Karlo Knezevic and Domagoj Jakobovic
277 Bandit-Based Random Mutation Hill-Climbing Jialin Liu, Diego Perez-Liebana and Simon M. Lucas
278 The Importance of the Individual Encoding in Memetic Algorithms with Diversity Control Applied to Large Sudoku Puzzles Carlos Segura, Eduardo Segredo and Gara Miranda
279 Solving the Firefighter Problem with Two Elements using a Multi-modal Estimation of Distribution Algorithm Piotr Lipinski
280 Runtime Analysis of Random Local Search on Jump Function with Reinforcement Based Selection of Auxiliary Objectives Denis Antipov and Arina Buzdalova
281 Effect of Size and Order of Variables in Rules for Multi-Objective Repair-Based Innovization Procedure Abhinav Gaur and Kalyanmoy Deb
282 Feature Selection for Physical Activity Recognition Using Genetic Algorithms Alejandro Baldominos, Pedro Isasi and Yago Saez
283 Data Augmentation and Evolutionary Algorithms to Improve the Prediction of Blood Glucose Levels in Scarcity of Training Data J.Manuel Velasco, Oscar Garnica, Sergio Contador, Juan Lanchares, Marta Botella, Esther Maqueda and J.Ignacio HIdalgo
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285 Designing an Exascale Interconnect using Multi-objective Optimization Jose A. Pascual, Joshua Lant, Andrew Attwood, Carol Concatto, Javier Navaridas, Mikel Lujan and John Goodacre
286 Challenges for Evolutionary Multi-objective Optimization Algorithms in Solving Variable-length Problems Li Hui and Kalyanmoy Deb
287 Coevolution of mapping functions for Linear SVM Satish Jaiswal and Hitoshi Iba
288 A Simple Estimation of Distribution Algorithm for the Flexible Job-Shop Problem Luiz Carvalho and Marcia Fernandes
289 Differential Evolution Induced Many Objective Optimization Pratyusha Rakshit, Archana Chowdhury, Amit Konar and Atulya K Nagar
290 Team Effectiveness Based Optimization: A Human-inspired Metaheuristic Algorithm Xiaoyi Feng, Mengchen Ji, Zhengyang Li, Xinghua Qu and Bo Liu
291 A Fuzzy Adaptive Differential Evolution for Multi-Objective 3D UAV Path Optimization Debesh Adhikari, Eunjin Kim and Hassan Reza
292 Evolutionary Many-tasking Based on Biocoenosis through Symbiosis: A Framework and Benchmark Problems Rung-Tzuo Liaw and Chuan-Kang Ting
293 Three L-SHADE based algorithms on Mixed-Variables Optimization Problems Yuefeng Lin, Wenli Du and Thomas Stutzle
294 Combining Rules and Proportions: A Multiobjective Approach to Algorithmic Composition Henrique Lopes, Flavio Martins, Vinicius Santos and Rodrigo Cardoso
295 Analyzing Effects of Ordering Vectors in Mutation Schemes on Performance of Differential Evolution Mahdavi Sedigheh, Rahnamayan Shahryar and Karia Chirag
296 Evolving Game Skill-Depth using General Video Game AI Agents Jialin Liu, Julian Togelius, Diego Perez-Liebana and Simon M. Lucas
297 A hybrid metaheuristic using a corrected formulation for the Traveling Car Renter Salesman Problem Brenner Ojeda, Greis Oropeza and Elizabeth Goldbarg
298 Integer-Based Genetic Algorithm for Feature Selection in Multivariate Calibration Rhelcris Sousa, Telma de Lima, Lauro de Paula, Arlindo Filho and Anderson Soares
299 A Multi-objective Approach for Calibration and Detection of Cervical Cells Nuclei Paulo Oliveira, Gladston Moreira, Daniela Ushizima, Claudia Carneiro, Fatima Medeiros, Flavio Araujo, Romuere Silva and Andrea Bianchi
300 Enhancing Clearing-based Niching Method Using Delaunay Triangulation Shivam Kalra, Shahryar Rahnamayan and Kalyanmoy Deb
301 Optimizing EEG Energy-based Seizure Detection using Genetic Algorithms Alejandro Baldominos and Clara Ramon-Lozano
302 Bus Routing for Emergency Evacuations: The Case of the Great Fire of Valparaiso Javiera Loyola Vitali, Maria-Cristina Riff and Elizabeth Montero
303 Evolutionary Design of Engagement Strategies for Turn-Constrained Agents Pavlos Androulakakis and Zachariah Fuchs
304 A Random Key based Estimation of Distribution Algorithm for the Permutation Flowshop Scheduling Problem Mayowa Ayodele, John McCall, Olivier Regnier-Coudert and Liam Bowie
305 Fusion-based Hybrid Many-objective Optimization Algorithm Amin Ibrahim, Shahryar Rahnamayan, Miguel Vargas Martin and Kalyanmoy Deb
306 G-DMP: An algorithm without Constraint Relaxation to solve the Train Departure Matching Problem Alondra Rojas, Elizabeth Montero and Maria-Cristina Riff
307 Dynamic Yin-Yang Pair Optimization and its Performance on Single Objective Real Parameter Problems of CEC 2017 Debasis Maharana, Remya Kommadath and Prakash Kotecha
308 Teaching Learning Based Optimization with Focused Learning and its Performance on CEC2017 functions Remya Kommadath and Prakash Kotecha
309 Parting Ways and Reallocating Resources in Evolutionary Multitasking Yu-Wei Wen and Chuan-Kang Ting
310 Evolutionary Bilevel Optimization Using KKT Proximity Measure Ankur Sinha, Tharo Soun and Kalyanmoy Deb
311 Genetic Programming for Skin Cancer Detection In Dermoscopic Images Qurrat Ul Ain, Bing Xue, Harith Al-Sahaf and Mengjie Zhang
312 Evolving Side-Channel Resistant Reconfigurable Hardware for Elliptic Curve Cryptography Bikash Poudel, Sushil J. Louis and Arslan Munir
313 Using Discrete Differential Evolution and Entropy to Solve the MRCPSP Angela Hsiang-Ling Chen, Yun-Chia Liang and Jose David Padilla
314 Adaptive Constraint Handling and Success History Differential Evolution for CEC 2017 Constrained Real-Parameter Optimization Ales Zamuda
315 Full Model Selection issue in Temporal Data through Evolutionary Algorithms: A Brief Review Nancy Perez-Castro, Aldo Marquez-Grajales, Hector-Gabriel Acosta-Mesa and Efren Mezura-Montes
316 Multiple-Particle Swarm Optimization used to study material degradation in aeroelastic composites including probabalistic uncertainties Aditya Vishwanathan, Prasad Cheema and Gareth Vio
317 Increasing Physics Realism When Evolving Micro Behaviors for 3D RTS Games Siming Liu, Sushil Louis, Tianyi Jiang and Rui Wu
318 A Memetic Evolutionary Algorithm for Real-Time Articulated Kinematic Motion Sebastian Starke, Norman Hendrich and Jianwei Zhang
319 Tackling Dynamic Vehicle Routing Problem with Time Windows by means of Ant Colony System Raluca Necula, Mihaela Breaban and Madalina Raschip
320 Evolutionary Multi-objective Optimization Made Faster by Sequential Decomposition Jing-Cheng Shi, Chao Qian and Yang Yu
321 Data Sampling through Collaborative Filtering for Algorithm Selection Mustafa Misir
322 Operating System Fingerprinting via Automated Network Traffic Analysis Ahmet Aksoy, Sushil Louis and Mehmet Gunes
323 An Evolutionary Trust Game for the Sharing Economy Manuel Chica, Raymond Chiong, Marc Adam, Sergio Damas and Timm Teubner
324 Exploring the Landscape of the Space of Heuristics for Local Search in SAT Andrew Burnett and Andrew Parkes
325 A Modified Steady State Genetic Algorithm Suitable for Fast Pipelined Hardware Seyed Pourya Hoseini Alinodehi, Sushil Louis, Sajjad Moshfe and Mircea Nicolescu
326 Time Adaptive Dual Particle Swarm Optimization Ulysse Cote Allard, Gabriel Dube, Richard Khoury, Luc Lamontagne, Benoit Gosselin and Francois Laviolette
327 Vehicle Relocation Problem in Free Floating Carsharing Using Multiple Shuttles Andre Santos, Paulo Candido, Allan Balardino and Wesam Herbawi
328 Probabilistic Graphs to Model Pseudomonas aeruginosa Survival Mechanism and Infer Low Nutrient Water Response Genes Bertrand Sodjahin, Vivekanandan Suresh Kumar, Lewenza Shawn and Shauna Reckseidler-Zenteno
329 A hybrid heuristic algorithm based on Mean-Field Theory with a Simple Local Search for the Quadratic Knapsack Problem Juan Banda, Jonas Velasco and Arturo Berrones
330 Modeling Non-equilibrium Population Using Variable-Chromosome-Length Genetic Algorithm Muhammad Marwan Muhammad Fuad and Soren Besenbacher
331 A NSGA-II-based Approach for Service Resource Allocation in Cloud Boxiong Tan, Hui Ma and Yi Mei
332 A Memetic Algorithm for the Capacitated Vehicle Routing Problem with Time Windows Oscar Gonzalez, Carlos Segura, Ivvan Valdez and Coromoto Leon
333 A Noise Resilient Differential Evolution with Improved Parameter and Strategy Control Arka Ghosh, Swagatam Das, B. K. Panigrahi and Ashit Das
334 Hybrid Biogeography-Based Optimization for solving Vendor Managed Inventory System Zubair Ashraf, Deepika Malhotra, Pranab K. Muhuri and Q. M. Danish Lohani
335 A comparison of probabilistic-based optimization approaches for vehicle routing problems Roberto Santana, Gia Sirbiladze, Bezhan Ghvaberidze and Bidzina Matsaberidze
336 Improving Hyper-heuristic Performance Through Feature Transformation Ivan Amaya, Jose Carlos Ortiz-Bayliss, Andres Eduardo Gutierrez-Rodriguez, Hugo Terashima-Marin and Carlos A. Coello Coello
337 Evolutionary Multilabel Hyper-Heuristic Design Alejandro Rosales-Perez, Andres E. Gutierrez-Rodriguez, Jose C. Ortiz-Bayliss, Hugo Terashima-Marin and Carlos A. Coello Coello
338 Applying Variance-based Learning Classifier System without Convergence of Reward Estimation into Various Reward Distribution Takato Tatsumi, Hiroyuki Sato, Tim Kovacs and Keiki Takadama
339 Applying Automatic Heuristic-Filtering to Improve Hyper-heuristic Performance Andres Eduardo Gutierrez Rodriguez, Jose Carlos Ortiz Bayliss, Alejandro Rosales Perez, Ivan Mauricio Amaya Contreras, Santiago Enrique Conant Pablos, Hugo Terashima Marin and Carlos Artemio Coello Coello
340 Fusing Flamenco and Argentine Tango by Evolutionary Composition Chien-Hung Liu and Chuan-Kang Ting
341 Modelling the structural organization of lymph nodes Dmitry Grebennikov and Gennady Bocharov
342 The Consolidated Tree Construction Algorithm in Imbalanced Defect Prediction Datasets Igor Ibarguren, Jesus Perez, Javier Muguerza, Daniel Rodriguez and Rachel Harrison
343 BLEAQ based solution for Bilevel Reliability-Redundancy Allocation Problem Rahul Nath, Ashraf Zubair, Pranab K. Muhuri and Q. M. Danish Lohani
344 A Learning Intelligent System for Classification and Characterization of Localized Faults in Smart Grids Enrico De Santis, Antonello Rizzi and Alireza Sadeghian
345 Speed-up of Synchronous and Asynchronous Distributed Genetic Algorithms: A First Common Approach on Multiprocessors Amr Abdelhafez and Enrique Alba
346 Improving the Integration of the IGD+ Indicator into the Selection Mechanism of a Multi-objective Evolutionary Algorithm Edgar Manoatl-Lopez and Carlos Coello Coello
347 An Experimental Comparison of Two Constraint Handling Approaches Used with Differential Evolution Saku Kukkonen and Efren Mezura-Montes
348 A GPU-based Implementation of Brain Storm Optimization Chen Jin and A. K. Qin
349 EvoHyp - A Java Toolkit for Evolutionary Algorithm Hyper-Heuristics Nelishia Pillay and Derrick Beckedahl
350 Problem Solving Using Social Networks in Cultural Algorithms with Auctions Robert Reynolds and Leonard Kinnaird-Heether
351 A Closer Look to Elitism in epsilon-Dominance Many-objective Optimization Ryoma Sano, Hernan Aguirre and Kiyoshi Tanaka
352 Multi-Objective Optimization of Cellular Scanning Strategy in Selective Laser Melting Ali Ahrari, Kalyanmoy Deb, Sankhya Mohanty and Jesper Hattel
353 Optimising Deep Belief Networks by Hyper-heuristic Approach Nasser Sabar, Ayad Turky, Sattar Abdul and Andy Song
354 A novel quantum-behaved particle swarm optimization with random selection for large scale optimization Wei Fang, Zhang Lingzhi and JIanhong Zhou
355 Development of a Higher Order Cognitive Optimization Algorithm Muhammad Rizwan Tanweer, Suresh Sundaram and Narasimhan Sundararajan
356 Optimization of Representation for Extracting Knowledge from Ultra-High Frequency Time Series Piotr Lipinski
357 Designing artificial neural networks using differential evolution for classifying DNA microarrays Beatriz A Garro, Katya Rodriguez and Roberto A Vazquez
358 New Artificial Intelligence Approaches for Future UAV Ground Control Stations Cristian Ramirez-Atencia, Victor Rodriguez-Fernandez, Antonio Gonzalez-Pardo and David Camacho